Swedish literature in Vietnamese

I was just curious as to which Swedish authors have been translated into Vietnamese, that we have in our collection, and the answer was surprising – 36 books according to a search in the union catalogue Libris.

The earliest Swedish book to be translated into Vietnamese, that we know of, is Selma Lagerlöfs book, Invisible links (in Swedish Osynliga länkar) or Nhũng dây vô hình (1966) as it is known in Vietnamese. The latest translation of Swedish that has been catalogued is Harry Martinson’s Aniara (2012).

The author with the most translations into Vietnamese is Astrid Lindgren, a whopping 11, of which five are on Pippi Longstocking! Next in line is Selma Lagerlöf with a respectable five while Henning Mankell comes in at third place with three translations.

To put this into perspective, I did the same search but for translations into Thai. The result was 18. How about translations into Chinese? Alas, a comparison can’t be made as China is a superpower but for curiosity’s sake, 234 translations.

You may have noticed that I stressed ”in our collection” or ”that we know of”. This is because there is no systematic way of finding these translations. The best course of action is to have a bookworm living in the country of interest who can monitor new translations. Those that are in our collection have been acquired through purchase or donation. If you know of other translations from Swedish to Vietnamese, please contact us.

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