Never judge a book by its cover

…or the nerdy look of your librarian.

I found this book, Towards a general theory of classifications while browsing for something to blog about. It’s more a theorical tome and not for the general reader but it brought me back to my LIS days (while I was studying for a degree in Library and Information Sciences) and the courses I took.

Librarian action figure

Get your own librarian action figure

Ask anyone what a librarian does and the first answer is ”Shush” with finger to mouth! I’ve tried to enlighten my friends and acquaintances to no avail! Alas, librarian-bashing continues…
So what does a librarian do besides shushing people? Well, let’s start from the beginning!
Librarians have been around since the dawn of time, and I remember my professor telling us that one of the three oldest professions in the world besides prostitution and espionage is librarianship (no particular order)! I guess someone has to keep records of the money trail and all the intelligence gathered!
So in order to be able to shush people, one has to have a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. The curriculum for this program includes how to catalogue and classify materials, how to find authoritative online sources, how to ask the right questions when interviewing library patrons, etc. One motto that I like to reiterate is ”We don’t always have the answers but we know how to find them”.

I found a list from Goodreads with quotes from literature on how librarians are viewed. My own take on what a librarian is can be seen in my meme.

So although it’s not National Library Day, give your librarian a smile and tell him/her that they’re appreciated! 😉

Source: Keep calm-o-matic generator

Source: Keep calm-o-matic generator

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