Barbro Lindgren in 31 languages

Källa: Wikimedia Commons

The winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2014 is the Swedish author
Barbro Lindgren.

The jury’s motivation is as follows:
“Barbro Lindgren is a literary pioneer. Using adventurous language and rich psychological nuance, she has re-invented not only the picture book for the very young but also the absurd prose story, the existential children’s poem, and realistic fiction for young adults. With perfect pitch, she presents to us both playful shenanigans and moments of bright joy, and the inscrutable nature of life and the nearness of death.”

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) – the world’s largest children’s literature award  – was founded by the Swedish Government after Astrid Lindgren’s death in 2002. The prize money is five million Swedish crowns. The award is rewarding one or more laureates, regardless of language or nationality.

This year’s laureate was announced at a ceremony organized at the National Library auditorium on March 25th.

One of the missions of the National Library is to collect and describe foreign publications with some kind of Swedish connection, so called Suecana. An important category in this area is represented by translations from Swedish.

We have 384 different editions of Barbro Lindgren’s works in 31 languages, such as Afrikaans, Bengali, Chinese, Faroese, Georgian, and many more!

Certainly we are missing some translations and languages ​​in our collections so we are as always grateful for tips that can help us to fill the gaps!
Please contact us at suecana[at]

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